Install Belgian eID software in Ubuntu 16.04

Partially as a reminder to myself, here the steps how to get your eID working in Ubuntu (tested on 16.04, but should be working for other versions, Debian and Linux Mint as well)

  1. Download the .deb package from the official site
  2. Install the package: sudo dpkg -i eid-archive_*_all.deb
  3. Open a terminal and update your indexes: sudo apt-get update
  4. Install your eID cardreader: sudo apt-get install -y libacr38u
  5. Install the middleware and the eID viewer: sudo apt-get install -y eid-mw eid-viewer
  6. Reboot your PC (don’t miss this step!)
  7. Connect your cardreader and insert an eID card. You can make sure you can read it out using the eID viewer application.

You’ll need to use Firefox (!) to get it to work in websites. Quite sure it’s a certificate issue in Chrome/Chromium, but for the times I use it, I didn’t bother finding it out. You can test your ability to login using this website.